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Blogging - And How To Do It Properly.

There are absolutely loads of blogging tips and secrets around. I mean loads. The problem comes is that they are rehashed from one source, or they are just regurgitated rubbish from people who don't know.

That is the problem that I find, finding the best from the rest. I think I have found one though- Blogging To The Bank.

The thing is I wanted to know what it was all about. It sounds good, and I am getting into my own blog now. So I bought and checked it out. Here is the review:

blogging to the bank

Blogging to the Bank 2.0. is the second/ updated ebook by Rob Benwell. At the start Rob takes us on a bit of a history trip and tells us what happened after the release of version 1.

He tells us of his "five commandments" which are essential for your blogs success and provide an overview of the whole ebook. One slight part of the commandments is the idea that your visitors actually come back!

So at the start, the ebook discusses what is your blog actually going to be about. That is done by the Market Research & Keyphrase Lists. Like with most Website building, this is most important. A highly searched keyword but one that has very low competition plus is something that you enjoy is very sought after- this would be your niche. There are plenty about and with the free tools on offer, you can do some basic keyword research.

Once you have found your possible niche, you then go into Clickbank and see if there are any affiliate products that you could weave into your text. If you keep with one affiliate host (like Clickbank) then your affiliate checks then total up better than being spread about. This is a good chapter, especially for those who are new to affiliates and keyword selection.

This is why your niche is a possible niche. If there is no way to moniterise it, do you really want to carry on with it?

Once you have an outline of what you are going to do, Rob then teaches you how to create your blog. First, he outlines how to actually install your blog, and getting content for your blog. After this he outlines how to optimise, monetise and ping your blog. All these are helped by clear colour screenshots- which is very helpful.

Now hopefully we have a blog ready to go- and get traffic to your blog. Rob first starts off with simple traffic building techniques (article writing, and link swapping to name a couple) But the main traffic builder is the community sites- or Web 2.0. Which is creativity, collaboration and sharing between users (Facebook, Squidoo, MySpace and YouTube). This is a must for traffic building and therefore money generation. but please beware, these types of sites don't look too favourably to self-promotion.

You need to "suggest" a link to your site, however you also need to share other worth while sites that you are not a part of.

Ultimately the final section of the ebook focuses on advanced practices. Which I would do once everything is sorted out. I had a rant about this in my blog, only out-source when funds come in from your blog. So you are never really spending out anything.

The main focus is building your own blogging product. Even though affiliate sales can be good and lucrative, most of your money will come from making your own product. I have gone into great detail about the 20 best ways to make money with a music related site- which can be found for free here: 20 Money making Music BluePrints.

In Conclusion.

If you are looking to start your first blog, or even get more serious with your current blogging then the ebook is very recommended. I believe that once you get going, blogging can be profitable- with the biggest push in the right direction, by Rob, it can now be done quicker.

Just remember though, blogging is fast becoming the best way to communicate with your readers, so please don't miss out.

Check out Robs ebook Blogging To The Bank, it does exactly what it says.

If you want updated music marketing information, then check out my Internet Music Marketing Blog.