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From free to paid software. Here are the best VST synths that you can/ should get.

The best VST synths is a troubling little bunch. Once you have found the best ones in Internet land, another 10 or so come along and spoil the day. Below are (at the moment) the best synths that you can get. Some are free and others you have to pay for. If you do like the synths that you have to pay for. DON'T, first test them out (most companies supply demos), and listen to the demos (but remember these are professional demos, with professional touch ups in a professional studio).

We have got a huge amount to get through, so lets start with the best VST synths that you can get:

Best VST synth: ABSynth


This is one of the great software instruments that you can get. It is legendary in the fact that it has capabilites out of the reach of many hardware synths, and you will be hard pushed to find a better synth. It is one of the best vst synths - recommended. Download the Absynth demo for Mac and PC here

Best VST synth: Albino 3


Programmable simply and extensively, the Albino offers the user a huge preset library that will make it your own synth/ string/ orchestra- ideal for Trance, Pop and Ambient. There is no need for anything else. Download the Albino demo for Mac and PC here

Best VST synth: Atmosphere


A huge sounding pad synth plug-in. It can summon vast sounding pads from a 3.7 GB library. There is a huge number of patch combinations with very professional standards achived. Listen to the Atmosphere demos here

Best VST synth: Chimera


A free pad synth. It is a classic must-have. It generates sound by using band-pass filters on white noise for those breathy, bell like tones. great for electronica, and with a bit of layering...for anything else :) Download Chimera here. Check out the other VSTs to download as well.

Best VST synth: Cygnus and Motion


Cygnus is your typical free pad synth that is a cut above the rest. Download Cygnus here. Check out the loads of other VSTs to download as well. However...


Motion is something else. It is totally bonkers. An ever evolving synth that is just great for atmospheres. It has some cool presets, and works simply great by user adjustment. Download Motion here. Click the "VST" button on the top of the screen.

Best VST synth: Fabfilter 2


With a name that sounds like something from the 70s, this plug-in is a 21st century star. With over 500 presets it is a Technophile's dream. Download the Fabfilter demo for Mac and PC here

Best VST synth: Jupiter


There is a fad now to recreate the dance machines of the 80s-90s, most noticable is alot of Roland conversions. However not all are any good. Here though is one of the best ones. Trent Reznor from NIN likes it as well. Taking off the Roland Jupiter-8V which was a revolution at the time, Arturia have done a cool job. Having big, bold sounds that are also warm and alive that react instantly to realtime processing. There are flexible effects processors, easy layering of sounds and even a built in sequencer. Download the Jupiter demo for Mac and PC here

Best VST synth: Korg Legacy Collection- Analog 2007


The second in our remake plug-ins. I have been a fan of Korg, and this plug-in is awesome. Similar to the original collection of classic Korg machines (the Legacy Collection), this Analog collection features some serious Techno/ Trance and Dance machines. The Mono/Poly, The MS-20, and PolySix. This machine is very hard to use, but you can build huge patches and then batter them into submission with a whole range of patch utilities. I offer you the techno machine to beat. It is one of the best vst synths - recommended. Download the Legacy demo for Mac and PC here

Best VST synth: linPlug Alpha


LinPlug = quality...I should really leave it as that and move onto the next synth, however it is the price and the quality for that price is beyond anything. Slightly based upon the 80s polysynths, this plug-in has all the effects trimmings giving you piercing leads, fullest bases, viscous pads and wonderful effects. Alpha could easily be complicated, it looks it, but it is not. If you have an idea, find the perfect sound out of their 900 presets (tinker if you need to) and play it- it doesn't hinder creative juices. Download the LinPlug demo for Mac and PC here. Check out the Free Alpha as well.

Best VST synth: PolyIblit


A free synth, this analog synthalike gives the "big brands" a run for their money. The problem comes if that it doesn't have its own effects section or an arpeggiator, but these things are highly common plug-ins that can be found anywhere. the sounds are warm, and smotth...or harsh, fat and angry. A cool synth. Download PolyIblit for PC here.

Best VST synth: Predator


Rob Papen is a highly saught after synth patch maker, and his new synth is cheap and very powerful with a large range of effects to twist and turn those presets into any sounds that you like. A must for Dance musicians. It is one of the best vst synths - recommended. Download the Predator demo for Mac and PC here.

Best VST synth: Sylenth


According to one music magazine, Sylenth, as soon as you start it up, it sounds absolutely incredible. Its a rich, warm and detailed analog loveliness. It has a preset bank taking off the TB303, Alpha Juno, Moog to name a few and while they are not 100% accurate they sound gorgeous and it rivals Access's Virus. If your tune are made up with analog sounds, why isn't this on your hardrive? It is one of the best vst synths - recommended. Download the Sylenth demo for PC here.

Best VST synth: StringTheory


A great free plug-in that is under alot of people radar. It is capable of loads of things- from plucked sounds, pads, delay effects through to cool array of others. Get this while you can. Download String Theory here. Click the "VST" button on the top of the screen.

Best VST synth: StringSynth


This is more of an emulation machine of strings in similar guise as the classic boxes like the Solina String Machines and the ARP synths. You do get a stab of string emulation and other odd effects spread over 40 presets. It offers a basic layout, but that allows you to concentrate on making the best out of your sound building. Download String Synth here. Check out the other VSTs on the download page.

Do you want to know the free versions of the above synths, or how to go about using them in your own production? Click here to use the free best vst synths in making a top techno track.