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These are (in my opinion) the best techno songs, ever. My top techno songs.

They are the best techno songs to listen to...ever. I feel that they give a wide range of the best techno that has shaped every track, and kick started a the "now" generation into making their own techno. Spin one of them down a techno club and they will still attract a pumped up crowd. My top 10 of best techno songs featured are between 5 to 15 years old, so what! They are classics, pure timeless classics that will not fade.

Even though classics are just that, classics, you might want to check out my best techno songs of 2005 page, and see some of the best techno songs so far. Remember though, these have only progressed and became 2005 hits due to the influence of the below top techno tracks.

I have given the techno albums where the best techno songs can be found. I doubt that the songs can be found individually, so the album is the next best thing, the good thing though is that the album features even more top techno.

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To make stomping techno tracks that transform and then become the best techno songs, there is one golden rule: you have to learn from commercially successful tracks.


Because they are successful, they are the best techno songs, they have made it, they show what the labels are looking for (they say they accept all types of tracks, but they don't, they are running a business and want business successful tracks). If you learn from these top techno songs you should see how the composition is built up in highly commercial techno. What you will find is that they are all quite similar in the way that they are structured. Take any techno album, then listen to each track- you should note that each techno song builds up more or less the same, it has a set pattern. The musician knows this and so does your brain-now with each track your brain wants things to come in on certain points or for the song to build and build- it is what you expect, and you wait for it to happen, so the artist doesn't disappoint.

My top techno songs are listed in no particular order.

Best techno songs member: Faithless- Sunday 8pm.

Faithless - best techno song

A phenomenal piece of an album that is a true techno top 10 classic. Yes I know, there was an album before this, and honestly the only really really good techno song on there was Insomnia (you can still catch it on Q and MTV Dance now and then- 10 years after it was released). It was a basic track- that shouted- this is how it should be done- and a worthy best techno song winner.

Of the 11 track album I personally like Killer's Lullaby (the harpsichord is just genius- and could only be really done in a techno song), God is a DJ (the full techno version, not the cut radio edit- is a full floor stomper that has a great bass and drum combo in the middle), the short The Garden and Take the Long Way Home are equally impressive tracks.

God Is A DJ- Live:

The album is full of good tracks, however I find that some techno artists tend to go down the arty route, and do soft compositions- i.e. no/minimal beats and wooshy pads. It just sounds like fillers, and this has 3 tracks that fit into this category and the album is slightly spoiled because of those.

Best techno songs member: Rob Dougan- Clubbed To Death

Fantastic. The original is pure genius and that is what the Youtube video shows. The flanged middle part is just great. You may of heard it from The Matrix, but it was out way before that. Rob actually financed the recording of the tune and distribution, so big respect to him. Thjere is also a "vocal version" called Furious Angels- equally as good. Enjoy this classic:

Best techno songs member: Supereal- Elixir

Now and then the best techno songs just comes out of the blue and you wonder where on earth that came from. Well that is Supereal- a group that no-one has heard of, yet this album has some of the most perfectly composed techno that I have heard.

An 8 track techno album that contains some long tracks- note that they don't become boring. The best song I have heard has got to be United State of Love. It has so many squidgy sounds and multiple beats arranged without being cluttered that it is a perfect template of how a track can just survive on 303 techno sounds.

I Almost Love You- has that soft techno aspect, but it uses a brilliant clap echo effect that moves the track along and when the distorted guitar kicks in towards the end it's just a fabulous effect. For a track that is written with basic on its mind (i.e. the hooks are easy to make), Aquaplane is the best track. With an electric guitar that has 3 notes, and the other instruments being used having one more or less it is a perfect techno song that is easily radio play material.

Unfortunately the YouTube footage is of Body Medussa.

Best techno songs member: Tiesto- Elements Of Life

Tiesto. Just the name gives an air of quality and dance club numbers. Note that his songs are quite basic, but he knows his audience. He always make something to hum along to- something to rememebr, that's what makes a good track.

Energy 52- Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix)

This is one of my favourite tracks. It is from my chill out area (the best Chill out songs) and I like this version. The poriginal is a sheer classic, and getting to Felix status, but not quite yet. Anyway, I think Cafe Del Mar deserves a special mention here.

Listen to the footage, it is relxing, cool and has no beats.

Best techno songs member: Ferry Corsten- Sweet Sorrow

I am starting to become a big fan of Ferry. From tracks like "The Race" and "Moonloght" Ferry is becoming a genius at making tracks unboring, which is a great talent. I think Sweet Sorrow is one great track and highlights what this guy can do:

Best techno songs member: Pendulum- Hold Your Colours.

Best techno song - Pendulum

Now what a really classy, and fresh (such a change!) album. They have been classed as the "next Prodigy", and you can belive that. A serious Drum and Bass fusion with dance and some real cool style and ideas (who would of thought a swing beat could be fused into drum and bass?). The best tracks? Hmm, now that is a hard choice. For pure dance action that could be a chart player (apart from Slam- the one with the fat guy dancing in the street) it would have to be Fasten Your Seatbelt (ft. The Freestylers). Then the best track has to be, for me, Out Here- I love it. We should hear more of Pendulum, they have already remixed Voodoo People for the Prodigy.

Pendulum- Out Here:

Best techno songs member: Prodigy- Music for the Jilted Generation.

Prodigy- JiltedGen - best techno song

This is a wonderful album, a true and worthy best techno songs list member, I will protect it, and I will not let the CD get scratched. The Prodigy are music pioneers and have brought techno/ rave through from cheesy rubbish techno songs to perfect, intelligent techno that is such a cut above the rest that it was, and still is frightening.

The best tracks (out of a great 13) have got to be Full Throttle, No Good (start the dance), and Skylined. These tracks have the essence of everything that you should need to know- full stop. They are changing, shifting, enthralling, playable and listenable- it becomes a joy to own the CD.

Prodigy- Skylined:

The trick is that each of the tracks are non-complicated. You listen to the beat, you get the chorus, then you wait until it comes back. If I had to choose the best of the three, I would hesitantly go for Skylined (I can not find the single anywhere which is such a shame- I would love to hear mixes of it). It features my all time favourite- the strings, and is really uplifting with a simple beat and that's it. Strings, a beat and some effects- fantastic.

Best techno songs member: The Shamen- The Collection.

The Shamen Collection - best techno song

These guys have been making techno songs for a very long time now. Shot to fame with Move Any Mountain, and then Ebeneezer Goode. Those two are my favourite really, however, you could easily miss it, but a pure techno song called Indica- a strange hidden little techno song that bumps quickly on its way but is really listenable, and it is the final song. It keeps interest by just using beats, 303 and a string.

The Shamen have always had the audience in mind with their techno songs. However I find that sometimes the singing (and rapping) can be too much/ not needed and the electric guitar that is used, well, it is always being used, and makes some of the songs too "samey".

The collection is probably the best of the Shamen albums because it has their best techno songs on there AND has remixes from top techno artists- a bargain really. The Shamen have always been copied or have been the spark to start up and coming techno artists.

The Shamen- Indica.

Best techno songs member: Felix- #1

Not to be confused with Felix da Housecat- no-one saw Felix coming. A true bedroom techno artist and no-one knew his name. He appeared on television with a mask on, and no-one knew him. His best techno song by far is Don't You Want Me.

Felix- Don't You Want Me:

This top techno song has been remixed so many times I have honestly lost count. But it is great- a brilliant build up on a simple keyboard pattern- and it was a huge hit. Felix came and went- but any compilation will feature his techno, without a doubt- so he is still earning some money from this one techno song.

Off that one song, I took the gamble and bought the album. It is pure simplicity, and that is why it is definitely a top 10 techno album. There are 7 top techno tracks that are really basic, but it proves that you do not need fancy equipment to pull off some great techno. Why the techno song Stars was not released is beyond me- it could have been another hit if it was beefed up a little more.

I would imagine he has one keyboard, one sampler and maybe a drum machine and a computer. But I love all the tracks. Make some more techno Felix!

It just gets too big, so check out the Second Page Of The Best Techno Songs

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