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The best techno songs for 2006.

The best techno songs from 2006 are here. Sometimes you find someones "opinion" and what they think the best tracks should be. But one persons judgement is nothing compared to the people who know, the people who play the songs daily. So this list is different, it is rated by world DJs- their plays and their votes. If you don't see your fave artists it's just because they just missed the cut- and that is in DJ plays and DJ votes. I hope you like these:

The 2006 List: 1. Solu Music Feat. Kimblee Fade (Grant Nelson Remix).

A perfect summer ibiza house song. The original video is slightly cheesy :)

Best Techno Songs List: 2. Bob Sinclar Feat. Steve Edwards World, Hold On.

It's one of those songs that you go "oh, its that one". Quite simplistic, to match the video, but it is very catchy, especially the whistling chorus.

Best Techno Songs List: 3. Till West & DJ Delicious Same Man

A great tune, with a cool video with great dance off- Fight Club just wasn't the same.

Best Techno Song List: 4. Eternal Soul.Lifting Me Higher (Soul Shaker�s Original Mix)

The 2006 List: 5. Outwork Feat. Mr. Gee. Elektro (Cubeguys Delano Remix)

I love these minimalistic type of tunes. They are so funky and catchy. Its also slightly cheesy as well, but that just adds to the charm. The whole track is a super hit.

Best Techno Songs List: 6. Ame Rej

Just listen to it, its cool. Should dance music be like this? Of course, its new, catchy and challenging. Respect to the label for having the guts to release it.

Best Techno Songs List: 7. The Egg. Walking Away (Tocadisco�s Acid Walk)

You have probably seen the cool video...superb dancers jumping around the place...but this is a harder mix...and a better track than the original.

Best Techno Song List: 8. Sander Kleinenberg This Is Ibiza

I just love the very start of the track and the real harsh saw sample, then you have a plinky synth line that just compliments...great track.

Best Techno Songs List: 9. Steve Angello Teasing Mr. Charlie

The TB303 returns!

The Techno List: 10. Aerosoul Feat. Estela Sometimes. (That�s My Feeling) (David Penn Electric Remix)

A club fave.

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