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The top beat and best techno making equipment...ever

So what is the best techno making equipment- the best beat makers, the best synth sounds, well just the best everything? These are simple, very easy to use and are designed with a specific style in mind:-techno only machines. The best point about these machines is that they don't have one or two techno samples and the rest made up with standard samples. These are techno only, straight down the line generators designed to make your tracks good, full stop.

They are the classics of the future.


The Complete Beginners Guide to Free Music Making. Click here to find out more.


Reviewed below are the best sources of techno sounds that you can get today. They are my recommended collection.

Best techno making equipment 1. Sample CDs

I have a large affection for sample CDs. For one they are really really cheap with respect to what you would buy if you bought the machines that make up the CD individually (1 drum machine +one keyboard = a lot of cash). You will find loops of various description (FX, Synth and Dum) however you will also find the single hits that make up the entire loop. This is in itself is a major plus as loop generation can become endless.

If you look for producers such as Time & Space, Loopmania, and Zero G then you can not go wrong. they offer sample MP3 downloads of their sample CDs to show you what you can make, and some of those tracks are pretty cool in themselves.

Best techno making equipment 2. Korg Electribe EMX-1 and SX


What fine value for such a brilliant machine. A sequencer, cool sounds and it is made by Korg (so you know you are going to have some class and quality). Easy to use and has valves that make the sounds feel...so warm. Click here for a review.

Awesome and such a top machine.

I really like the SX:


Do you know why I like the Electribe SX? It is a hardware version of Ableton. Something that Korg may (not) have realised, but this sampling box will do evrything that Ableton does...and it looks cooler. You can check it out here:

Best techno making equipment 3. Novation K station

Novation K Station

Don't believe the hype of big expensive synths. Cute, small, and fully functional, the novation K Station a superb machine that defies its looks, price and will make other hardware synth manufacturers quake- its that good, and Novation know it. Click here for a review.

Best techno making equipment 4. The Controller Keyboards

If you are going to pursue music then a controller keyboard is what you need. With assignable buttons and dials these keyboards cut down your music making time by giving you everything there and then, some even come with on-board sounds. Most will come with additional extras like a softsynth or a music application.

Check out my top list of the best controller keyboards that you can get today.

Best techno making equipment 5. Propellerheads Rebirth


2 Roland 303s with 1 Roland 909 on a software interface (the two 303s on the top part and the one 909 on the bottom part of the graphic) that completely imitates the machine almost too perfectly. I mean this is totally a cool bit of kit. You can record your own beats and 303 squelchy loops, save them off as a WAV and then you have a sequence. You can record your own beats and tunes in a step-wise fashion (just like when we created our own beats). You can manipulate with distortion, echo, everything. A very cool and recommended bit of software that should be in every techno artists arsenal. You can even twist the knobs and everything in real time! If you want to download it for free, click to go to the Rebirth Museum

There is a new "pimped up" TB303 that has been developed , its a bit costly (145 euros), but it is kickin. The AudioRealism BassLine Pro is far more than just a TB303 look-a-like, it contains 2 VCOs each offering a variety of waveforms. The sound is great and squelchy, a true analog dream. If you have the cash, then the bassline pro plug-in is well worth it.

Best techno making equipment 6. Korg Legacy Collection

Korg Legacy Collection

A Korg Polysix, Korg Wavestation and the Korg MS20 all wrapped up in lovely software format. Needs a beast of a computer to run it, but when you do, oh my word, what an animal Korg has created. Three synths in one programme (2 analogue synths and one digital), waveform creation, beautiful sounds, weird sounds, and you can even combine the MS20 and Polysix sounds to create even more great sounds. Click here for more info on the bargain: Korg Legacy Collection.

Best techno making equipment 7. Arturia MiniMoog V

MiniMoog V

Given the nod by Mr Bob Moog himself, this is truly and impressive bit of software. Fine emulation of the original MiniMoog (a techno landmark in itself). Superb analogue sounds, great presets and bases that just want to tear your speakers up. Click here for the quick review.

Best techno making equipment 8. VSTs

VSTs and softsynths have been a revolution. Ranging from the stand-alone Rebirth and MiniMoog V, to plug-ins (synth, drum machine and effects) that need a software host. Some are costly but some are free- and wow, what a difference to your music they make. Click here to see the best free VSTs the net has to offer.

Best techno making equipment 9. Motu MX4 Version 2

The only synth plug-in that you ever need? That is what this device wants to be, has it done it? Ermm, quite possibly. It has been noted that it gives so much freedom. It incorporates analog subtractive, FM, AM and wavetable elements within the synths engine. I will put the picture of the machine up soon, but it looks really cool. A complete rangless, limitless machine that has some great sound making features that will have you making some great sounds. Downside is that its Mac only boo! Click here for more info on the fantastic MOTU.

Agree, disagree?

We have seen the best on offer at the moment, but what was good? What were the defining machines that paved the way for the above techno making machines? Click to see the best techno making equipment - the classics.