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There are loads of mobile DJs around, however to stay ahead of the game you need the 10 best mobile DJing tips.

Why do we need mobile DJing tips? Well for a start we must dispell the myth that mobile DJs are hairy chested, over 50s who wear a medalion.

The mobile DJ has evolved to much, much more. With many people playing their own CDs using their own CD players, using a compilation CD or still playing the "Birdy song" (if you haven't heard that- count yourself lucky) the need for a mobile DJ who is actually good is in high demand.

You know what happens with high demand services? They get paid more...

So, you want to get going do you? Well, here are some of the best tips that you can get. Why? Well they are adapted from the magazine "Pro Mobile"- and actual magazine for mobile DJs. If you don't have it that is tip number 0. Get informaed on your industry, by actually finding out if there are any magazines related to it in the first place!

Magazines are a wealth of knowledge that look into some really specific niches, the mobile DJing industry being one of them.


Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 0:

Sign up or subscribe to a magazine in the industry. If you like mobile DJing, sign up to their magazine, if you like dance or trance sign up to a specific DJ dance magazine. They usually come with free sample CDs and lead you in the direction of hot club artists. If you want to be in the lead, this is what you must do first.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 1:

Make sure that you look good and actually the part. You may be playing infront of kids or you may be playing in front of suited people, but always look the part. You can be casual but also smart - so even if your doo is with teenagers you can look good and stylish without loosing your professional touch. First impressions do count. Look good, and make your equipment look good as well. Make sure that it isn't tatty, or have "got mashed in 2001" stickers all around it. If you notice pro DJs will always be clean, smart and respectible. It is a job that they do, they love it- but ultimately they are professional with it. Always remember- if you are doing a wedding, party or corporate bash- it is usually a one-off affair. If you mess it up, they won't be happy and your rebooking ability will plummet.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 2:

Event staff are always seen as the grunts and sometimes they get treated as such. This is a bad thing to do. If you can get the event staff on your side then they can make your life much easier. Also event staff are two types of people. 1. They are booked specifically for the venue, or 2. They are employed to the venue. Either way, they are a prime recommender of DJs. If you give them grief, or you are really good (and professional) chances are they will let the organiser know about it.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 3:

The microphone. Now this is a strange one. Some DJs say "yep use it- get the crowd going", but others say "oooh no, don't do that, let the music do the talking". In some ways they are both right. It is up to you and your style. If the organiser has hired you then they like your style so don't change it. In my experience, I tend to find that some DJs will talk over the tune or add their own vocals to the track. Now both of these get on my nerves as you want to listen to the track and dance away and not listen to "puts your hands up" or "jump jump jump and scream".

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 4:

How many of you would run out tomorrow and start Djing in clubs? How many? Well I hope that you are insured. Many DJs have found that some people have got very sticky hands and find that their laptop or DJ equipment has run off...without legs! So make sure that your equipment is insured and that you have a Public Liability Insurance (if this is your business you could put the cost of this through your books). You may think that you could do without this, but I wouldn't. In some countries it is a legal requirement and most places will not hire you unless you show them the certificate.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 5:

Remember the first impressions chat we had in tips number 1? Well, you also need to be punctual. If you are late, then you are going to be late setting up. The problem comes in the fact that everything is timed. Some venues can only play music up to a certain time. The actual guests want to go home at a certain time. Also your lateness is a reflection on the organiser...will you get booked again? No. If the place is far away, stay overnight before hand, or set out earlier. If you think it will be an hour drive, set out 2 hours before hand. If you are early then you can chill out. Rushing to set up things can only lead to mistakes and it makes you look unprofessional, and unbookable. Oh, and by the way, find out where the place is before you set off. Do a trial run, go the day before. Just make sure you know where the place is.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 6:

How are you actually going to get there with all your kit? Make sure that you have transport that is capable of moving everything around and make sure, please that it is in running order. If the car breaks down you will be late and you will be unbookable. Do a trial run even. Also as a side note, make a list of what you need to take with you (including wires, CDs, back-ups, plugs, torch, etc).

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 7:

We have all heard of the little saying that people never buy anything that is cheap. One marketing person tried this and tried to give away $10 for free...any takers? No, no one applied. People see cheap stuff as cheap, and expensive stuff as better. So don't undervalue yourself. If you have had good feedback (testimonials), publish them and use them as leverage to increase your fee. The more venues you do, the bigger the crowds, and the more you "advertise yourself" the better your fee will be. Experience and being a "known entity" are the only ways to make tons of cash. For instance Carl Cox commands a huge salery because he is widely known, released some CDs, is well accepted at his venues and people travel to see him. He commands his money because he earnt it- he is a proven artist. He started at the bottom like everyone else and now look at him.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 8:

When you advertise, know what you are actually advertising. For instance a friend of mine booked a band for �300 (for 3 hours) because they could play any tune that you suggested (given time to rehearse). They weren't booked on their ability to use a certain bit of equipment, their proficiency in music (that can be put onto your Internet site on the "about me" page)....they were booked on what they can do. That is the main advertising fact- their benefits to the party. Carl Cox delivers huge atmosphere and knows how to handle the crowd to get them into a frenzy. He is not booked on his ability to use a certain DJ deck. What do you bring to the party...or in other words- why you and not someone else? What are your benefits?

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 9:

Make sure that you do your research before hand. make sure you know what the client wants. If it is for a wedding make sure you know what style of music they like. You will be a little lost if you turn up with half of Ibiza pumping out of your decks and it is a Country and Western themed doo! Also know names, know who the key people are. If it is a wedding- who is the bride, groom, father-of-the-bride etc. If you are friendly and seem to care then this is huge advertisement for you. One person could easily give your details to their friends who could give it to theirs.

Mobile Djing Tips and Tricks Number 10:

Try and get a forum up and going with like minded DJs. Most of you will be in the same boat and you can share experiences, ideas and tips with each other. If you do a certain style of music and someone else does another, you could recommend them (making sure that they are good). Communication within the area and trying to create contacts is a must. Here's an idea. How about setting up a databank of DJs, offering DJs for any occasion, anywhere. They could be vetted by you and given a seal of approval (like a standards mark). You could have YouTube footage of their events to highlight them. Maybe even offer a membership service?

Shhh...the pro DJs secret.

So you are at the venue...now what? The time of the DJ just standing there is becoming boring. The new DJ is called the VJ- the video DJ. Having music synched to video is becoming cheaper, and also becoming a new way to differentiate the beginner with the professional.

Who would you have, a DJ stood behind a desk or a DJ that actually enhances their area by having effects and video footage being played as well- the whole mutilmedia DJ. "Artist-in-Residence at BBC Radio 1" Charles Kriel has made an easy way to understand, VJ guide especially for the beginner. You can check it out one of the best mobile djing tips - the VJ guide