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What are the best controller keyboards ?

Your need for one the best controller keyboards will come in sooner than you think. You see, when you have your set-up all neat and your are pounding out those tracks for the first time, it ia a great accomplishment.

However time moves on, and you experiment with your music even more, and then you want something to be added tweaked on the fly but you can not reach the software in time, and the inspiration goes.

Controller keyboards allow you to do just that, and you crave for it after a while. You want some button pressing, dial twiddling fun, and the keyboard is the only real way to do that.

If you are like me and only play one note at a time, they are a great investment.

Once all the dials, buttons and keys have been set up you can use then to trigger drums, enter notes into a sequencer and to fire other sounds or even software. If you take a look at Linkin Park, Joe Hahn on the turntables uses pads to set off drum loops (you can see him hitting a pad and a loop gets fired off).

But keyboards are more versatile (as said above), but even better is the fact that now the best controller keyboards are USB powered- no additional power cables- and no MIDI lead- genius!

Also while setting the keys and dials up can be easy or a pain (it depends upon the software that you use) a key or dial can be assigned to send different MIDI controller data on different channels.There are also different presets so you can actually save setups for different applications. The new Novation range actually have automatic set-up systems...so even beter.

What I would say is it is up to you to what type of controller keyboards that you want as they are all slightly different. If you are a piano style player, then you would need a controllers that is larger than the rest (61 or 88 note version). If you are a beginner, or haven't got the room then one of the smaller 2 octave keyboards would be more suitable (they also have octave up and down buttons anyway).

But below I will show you the best controller keyboards, from most expensive to the cheapest.

Best Controller Keyboards- Expensive.

Novation Remote 37sl.

Novation Remote 37sl best controller keyboards

This is the middle version of this range- the 37sl and has got much better reviews than then other two. It has automap so it saves you from configuring the keys and dials yourself. It also has two screens so that you can see what is assigned to what. Click here for the cheapest price.

Novation X-Station.

Novation X-Station best controller keyboards

It can do everything a Remote 25 can do, and that bit more. It also comes with an 8 voice KS synth as well. click here for a review of one of the best controller keyboards.

Korg Kontrol 49.

Korg Kontrol 49 best controller keyboards

A usable and very versatile design make this one of the great looking controller keyboards. Click here for the cheapest price.

Best Controller Keyboards- Middle Price.

Korg MicroKontrol.

Korg MicroKontrol best controller keyboards

Solidly built and good performer. Portable and very functional. And best of all? It looks cool! Click here for the cheapest price.

Edirol PCRM1.

Edirol PCRM1 best controller keyboards

It this machine doesn't look cool, I don't know what does. It is extreamly powerful and a great buy for laptop musicians. Click here for the cheapest price.

Best Controller Keyboards- Lowest Price.

M-Audio Axiom .

M-Audio Axiom best controller keyboards

Another beautiful keyboard and great value as well. It can take time to set up the various presets but for its size and mon ey, its hard to fault. Click here for the cheapest price.

M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2. .

M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2. keyboard controllers

I don't think there can be a run down of best controller keyboards without this little gem being named. The Oxygen 8 (first one) was generally used by alot of laptop musicians because of its versatility and ease of use. Version 2, has now had a price drop and a bit of a tweak and it still remains up there with the best of them. Click here for the cheapest price.

E-mu XBoard .

E-mu XBoard  best controller keyboards

A new kid on the block. It has less controllers than the X Station and no "on-board sounds" however it has something else. It is cheaper than the X Station, has 16 assignable knobs, 25 keys, looks cool, USB/ Adapter or battery powered and comes with 2 free packages. One is EMUs proteus package-a softsynth housing 1002 samples that you can adjust realtime and the other is Ableton Live 4 Lite (a loop sequencer). At the price and with so much kit this little bag of tricks can not be beat. Click here for the best price.

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