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The best Chill Out Songs....Ever

The best chill out songs dispel the old myth that Chill Out and Trance is boring. Never, some of the most demanding tracks and technical tracks are in fact Chill or Trance.

Why? It is because they have to stimulate and evolve and not get boring is why they are so cool. A Trance and Dance track become boring because they are so formulaic. So if we learn from the best Chill Out tracks around then surely our own tracks will have anti-bordom elements as well?

Please note, William Orbit's Adagio For Strings has been removed becasue we all know what it sounds like, and I am tired of the tune ;) Tiesto's version is ok, but it is nothing radical, unfortunately.

Best Chill Out Songs. York- The Awakening (mellow mix)

bestchillout york

This is a really cool, yet simple tune, slowly building up (like an awakening), and it features a nice little loop that kicks in quarter of the way through the track.

York- The Awakening (Mellow Mix).

Best Chill Out Songs. B.B.E- Seven Days And One Week

bestchillout- bbe

Now I know that this is not the original, but this brilliant chill out mix of the great "Trance" song is pure genius. All it is, is just strings increasing with effects over the background...cumulating into some great chill out.

Webmasters Choice. Energy 52- Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix)

bestchillout - cafedelmar

Now I just love Cafe Del Mar, I think it is a brilliant song, encorporating simplistic ideas into an anthem that is very hard to match. It proves that you don't need to be technical heavy to get pure genius. What Michael Woods has created here is pure gold. I don't know why, but it is actually an emotional song that is very powerful and driving. I love it. I would argue that this is one of my all time best chill songs to date.

Energy 52- Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix)

Great Chill Songs. MicroGlobe- Trust

Cominig from composer Mijk Van Dijk, Trust is very eerie song with cool use of voice strings, and some really cool effects that kick in at 4:04. A great tune.

Best Chill Out Songs. Speedy J- Fun Equations

bestchillout - speedy j

I haven't been able to get the original album from this artist, but if this track is what the others are like, then I am going to continue the search. A great loop and string combo on offer here. In true Trance form, the track builds up, adding effects and layers through the track. We get a pit-stop half way through then a change of pace, with some anger thrown in. A great track.

Cool Chill Out Songs. Eat Static- Symbols

bestchillout - eatstatic

I dont think that any chill song/ trance lists would be complete unless Eat Static is present. An off shoot of Ozric Tenticles, these guys have produced some varied, trippy and toe tapping coolness. Never boring.

Eat Static- Prana

Best Chill Out Songs. The Human Beings- Orbit

Just ones loop that has had tons of FX thrown at it jumps through this track, has a good beat that thumps through as well.

Best Chill Out Songs. Escape- Escape To Mars

bestchillout - escape

Now I didn't like the start to this track, so I always skipped it, then one day I played it all the way through. How cool is it! A beat, cool effects, a high pitched electrical noise kicks off a loop and it gets really interesting. Don't skip- just listen.

Top Chill Songs. Autocreation- Justice Loop

bestchillout - autocreation

Now this could easily get boring, but some how Autocreation keep the track alive just as you think "so what else?" A great bumpy number (the beat getting harder later in the track), that is very basic, but just seems full of emotion. A proper little underated track, but a worthy addition to the chill out songs list.

Best Chill Out Songs. HardFloor- Reverberate Opinion .

bestchillout - hardfloor

Leave the best 'til last. How can any site interested in Techno or chill, and not have HardFloor in a list? This is the 303 at loving best. if you doubt the duo's range and type of music, then this is technically brilliant. Getting the best out of those machines is what they do, and it is not all squelchy either. A great track from a great group.

Hardfloor- Reverberate Opinion.

Want to create your own chill out songs? Click here to make the best chill out songs.