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There are many download services out there, but if you want to become a DJ which one is the best?

If you want to become a DJ you must have known abouit DJ download services? Well as soon as it becameobvious that vinyl wasn't going to be the number one anymore, it wasn't long until someone cut out the middle man and started to offer tunes direct to download.

However, as always there is one word of caution. If they are available for download, everyone has a chance to download them. If there is a chart it is a double edged sword. People like the music and then you should play the popular tunes? However people also look to the DJ as someone who plays tunes that are unique and unheard of. many DJs get tunes sent through to them, bypassing the download store, and it is only until they become famous are they up for download. I would therefore hunt under the charts to position 300...see which ones are off radar.


become a dj with beatport

This site has gained the most respect and has won awards. Huge labels such as Defected have their back catalogues available. For most of the dance genres you can reliably expect about 3/4 of the official releases in the top 20s to be available.

Most of the websites though offer great content but Beatport offer large full size WAV files for download.But when you think that the price of a pure quality download is around the $2 mark it isn't bad at all. BeatPort has also got the usual chart list, but you can browse through by artist or DJ. This then reduces the time that you have pouring over long lists of tracks. However when you get to an artist you can look through their labels, related labels, related genre. you can really get lost. It is also very flash happy, which is ok, but wierd...I am very html and never really liked flash you always seem to be loading something up all the time...but that is just me.


become a dj with trackitdown

This is the harder end of the dance scene, or that is what people think it is all about. However it does cover other genres, from DnB, Electro, breaks, House and Hard House. Prices are hovering around the $2.20 area and you get an MP3 for your trouble- no WAV. the search engine is ok, but when everything is a click away as in Beatport, labels reltaed etc, then this lets trackitdown, down. There is a handly little rating system going on, but only if people use it is it actually effective. Oh and the player on the right part of the screen gets annoying following you everywhere- for me if they have to do that then the page is too long?


become a dj with xpressbeats

One that you might not have heard about, but it is very similar to BeatPort with a house slant to the music. The problem I found straight away is the playing interface. If you click on a track to listen to then it plays it with the details, how to buy and recommendations with that track. But then as I went around the site I found that I enjoyed it. However there is no back button, only your browsers back button, which is ashame. Also when you click on one of the buy buttons it doesn't show you any links to the artist, their tracks or their label. It offers a good selection of new artists and top label artists as well. Prices are varied, from $1 to $5/ track. They do offer 320kbps and 128kbps MP3s only for download. Once you go to checkout they also offer to burn the selected tracks onto CD for you which is a nice thought.


become a dj with djdownload

Erm...another downloading site :) It is similar again to BeatPort, but a little bit cheaper- $1.40+ per track. It give a small bio of each artist (in the DJ charts) and the site seems to have a lot of charts. What has been noted is the variety of the downloads and artists that actually use the site.You get the standard 320kbps and 192kbps MP3s- not WAVs. A cool feature is the payment gateway. It accepts everything, Paypal, Electron and even Solo...which is nice.

So the original question. If you want to become a DJ which download site do you go to? Well they are all pretty much the same to tell you the truth. It is only by ease of download, what you get for the doanload and price (which is marginal) that actually separates any of these sites.

Which would I choose if I wanted to become a DJ? It is hard to say, but if I have to state which one it would be DJDownload. Apart from the above, there are also some UK DJ magazines that only use that site. But that is my choice...and only because you were pressurising me to do so ;)

If you want to become a DJ then the best place to start is with a Pro. International DJ Danny Rampling has created an ebook with everything you need to know about how to become a DJ. Check that out first here: Become a DJ like the Pros