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by charles patterson
(oklahoma city oklahoma usa)

AudioGhost(charles patterson)

AudioGhost(charles patterson)

i am AudioGhost,an unsigned electronic artist specializing in the use of obsolete and cheap technology and software to compose.

i program most tracks using mtv music generator for playstation,it has an extremely user friendly sequencing program that allows modifications to pre programmed sequences as well as full sequence creation with 3000 samples.i transfer the tracks to my pc through the line in,then i process and post produce with magix music maker studio 10.i have been using ultra low budget production techniques for over 13 years.if anyone has any low budget tips of their own i'd love to hear about them.thanx for checking my trax.i have a a lot more waiting to be dropped stay tuned.

you can check out my tunes here: www.showcaseyourmusic.com/audioghost
5 videos and 36 tracks

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