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DJ Marketing - The 10 Best Tips

I had a question from a web visitor about DJ marketing, so here are my top 10 tips. They are gathered from DJs and magazines- I want the best information from the best people! I am also going to highlight with the DJ Marketing Top Tip, tips that are needed to be scribed into your head.

1. If you ask most DJs the best way to get any sort of Gig or booking is to be very proactive. You will be ahead of alot of people who want to DJ because they just won't go for it- too scared.

2. Go to the clubs and Gigs in your area that is relevent to your music, and hand them a compilation of your work. They want to know that you know what you are doing rather than someone turning up "thinking" they know what to do.

DJ Marketing Top Tip: 3.Perservere as well. you may get turned down, but keep at it. (as a completely different topic, JK Rowling is famous for sending her book to well over 30 publishers and getting rejected, she stuck at it)

4.If you do get a gig, get a promotor to come along and check you out- this is a good way of showing your stuff, live. Keep them in the loop as well. E-Flyer promotors, A&R; people, labels, etc with everything that you do (like releasing new tracks and Gigs). They will think that you are a wanted commodity and also it keeps you in their mind...like a bookmarking service.

5.Also, a biggy really- develop your own style. people who are out of the mould get noticed fast. People who play the same stuff...don't.

6.Make sure that you know your kit and that you can play seamless music. You don't have to be educated- just know what you are doing! If you are concerned, play for friends, build up to college/ university, then go after the clubs. Remembering that the best clubs probably won't book you so you should aim lower, and get noticed.

7.Make your own Podcast- have a presence, have a group following. Have a website/ MySpace page. Get a following that way, Make sure that you do your mixes/ tracks a post them for all the hear. Having a fan base makes it much easier for you to bring a core fan base to a place. A good tip is to ask your audience where you could practise/ play. Some dedicated people will find places for you...as long as you have their trust in the first place.

8.Regularly send out mix tapes (weekly). If you are a standalone Dj (i.e. producing no tracks) then you will find it hard and you will need to do more work. What you put in, with promoting yourself, you will get out. Send your stuff off to one place and you will give up quickly. Send them to promotors, "industry mags", radio, with a covering letter. Don't spend too much time doing this as your tunes can become out of date quick.

9.Find out pirate radio stations and send them your mixtunes. Daniel Beddingfield started there, someone (Posh Spice) liked his music and the rest is history. You will also find that industry bosses listen to those.

DJ Marketing Top Tip: 10. You fans will make or break you. So going on from number 8, always think of them before you think of everything else. You can do everything (make a name/ make money/ release tracks etc) all by the power of your fans and audience. Make sure that they are subscribers to your newsletter and for the love of everything...listen to them! If they tell you (like more than a few fans) that something is not working don't take it personal. Some webmasters/ artists would chop off their leg for that sort of information- free quality control!

So in summary, the main DJ Marketing Top Tips are these:

1. Make sure that you have a fan base.

2. Perservere

4. Enjoy it...

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