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Make your own techno songs with big beats, storming bases. Go on, make your own hits.

With our simple guides, lots of free techno downloads, it couldn't be easier to make your own techno songs and become a MUSIC MAKING MASTER! I will also guide you into making your own techno beats, your own mix music (using free techno loops and wavs and free utilities), techno marketing and much more! With total control at your fingertips your imagination is the only restriction.

To make your own techno songs is very easy, and I will show you how to do it for free.

If you are new or just started out on this exciting path, this is the place for you to start making your own techno tracks with ease, that you don't need any music theory- within 10 minutes you can start making a track...its that easy!!

I will show you how to:

- Make your own tracks from scratch-(a simple and easy process)

- obtain free techno wavs and techno loops-(copyright free and fully useable)

- Make your own beats- (creating powerhouse beats that force your audience to love your techno music)

- make your own mix music- (understanding how this one thing can increase the downloads of your music 10 fold)

- Set up a home studio for techno song recordings: organization tips plus firsthand experience of installing bluetooth studio monitors in a room, how to choose a decent pair and accomplish the right beat without going broke, how to maintain solid connectivity and deliver smooth sound - all this and more!

- show you top techno hits-(how to learn from the best, and the you will have a stomper of a techno track)

- download free utilities- (all free, and fully functional)

I just love techno music, and I want to show you how to make your own techno songs with quality, and professionalism, that people JUST LOVE. Through jargon free, constantly reviewed quality information, my 18 years of tips, techniques, and hand picked (freely downloadable) examples have been given to you.

Through free step-by-step guides, set goals and clear unbiased reviews, becoming a sucessful techno artist will become...simple. I even go into finding your target audience, finding your competitors and even music marketing. So from your initial idea through to making your own techno songs, then to releasing and making some money the whole process will become an easy process.

With a little effort and in your own time, I will show you how to make your own techno songs like a pro!

Feel free to check out our latest techno making free ebooks:

1. Want to make techno, market techno, and even sell your own techno. Encorporating everything you need to know, plus more, and also saving you upto $2000. The Beginners Guide to making, Marketing and Selling your own Techno songs is a valuable must. Click HERE for a free pdf trial

2. Make your own techno songs that little bit more interesting. Mix 2 songs together, find an avalanche of MP3s, find free DJ mix software, and a whole host more. So boost up your remixes, mashup, and bootleg everything with the FREE new ebook How To Become A Top Mix DJ- The Guide.

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My techno songs and how I made them.
My own techno songs using free techno guides

The easy way to make your own music beats that really stomp!
Starting from scratch to be a beat master, to make your own music beats is simply easy

The best techno songs to listen to...ever
The best techno songs that are truly the only top techno songs

Knowing who your targeted techno audience is, and finding them is easy
Your techno audience is your targeted listener, you MUST find them to survive.

Your competitors will be the bane of your life and will also help you
Knowing who your competitors are and how they operate will give you the edge you need

The best techno making equipment, the best soft synths, just the best listed
Only the best techno making equipment listed...only pure techno making capabilities allowed

Techno music composing made easy, with a free techno music maker
Your techno music composing guide starts here, with your free techno music maker.

Record labels: Finding the best labels, contacts and actually building a label.
The best record labels are truly secretive. So here they are and how to submit to them.

Make your own mix music and have top techno music remixes
Have the best techno music remixes by making your own mix music

The top techno songs, the best techno songs of 2005 and far.
The top techno songs sorted out with one criteria, I offer the best techno songs of 2005

"How do I sell my music and make some cash? Easily, and like this...
The easy way to sell my music with maximum profits to you

Techno Newsletter- hints, tips and secrets on how to make your own techno songs
Making your own techno songs? Technolite newsletter is the answer- offering website quality techno making information.

Free internet music marketing articles to help you to market music online
Use free internet music marketing guides to increase traffic and profits

Cheap legal MP3s - The ultimate guide to downloading cheap MP3s
Guide to the best mp3 downloading sites for cheap legal mp3s.

Best guide to make your own ringtones and get the cheapest ringtones on the net
The ultimate guide to make your own ringtones, and get the cheapest ringtones on the net!

Free Techno Loops : The Best Sites.
Only hand picked, top techno samples sites offering the best free techno loops

The best vst plugins that make your songs sound really professional are free.
Forget traditional instruments and costly boxes, welcome to best vst plugins

The best new unsigned techno music. Great free mp3s from unsigned artists
The up-and-coming best unsigned techno music from great unsigned techno artisrts with free mp3 downloads

what can i do for you?

Here is some free music stuff for you just for coming to the site.
Share and share alike, here are some free music stuff for your to enjoy.

Re-create the Adamski killer synth line...easily and for free.
With this easy and free tutorial you too can re-create the Adamski Killer synth line.

There are so many on the market, free and which are the best vst synths
The best VST synths that you can get.

Trouble with Ableton? Check out the free Ableton Live Tutorials.
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The best techno music books and related music books
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Reason 3.0 tutorials: Cool...and free.
The Free Reason 3.0 tutorials.

The best cheap techno making software on the Internet
The cheapest and most powerful techno making software listed.

Cakewalk Sonar tips and tricks videos
Learn some cool tips with these Cakewalk Sonar videos.


Your number one free DJing resource. No fluff just 100% information.
Too many sites dedicated to DJing. Here is a continually updated DJing free resource.

Original Music Articles - Music Marketing, Music Making, Software And Views
Some Original Music Articles For You To Take.

How music theory can simply beat your competitors with ease.
How music theory could be the best ever thing for your music